Everyday Blessings


That is my reaction, tonight!  It has been a wonderful day.  We spent the day as a family and just did some special things.  We simply enjoyed being together.  Tonight, we all went outside and did some odd-jobs around the house.  I know, years from now, I will cherish these days.  (Well, I do, now!)  I love the enveloping coolness of the evening after a warm day, the fresh scent of the earth as we pull weeds or plant flowers, the trickling of the hose as we water the garden, the sheer beauty of creation as it comes to the day's close, and the joy of just being together as a family.  "Ahhhhhh!"  I love days like this!  Life's special moments...such a blessing.  The Lord always knows what we need!

Garden Views

Leah's Blueberries

Thank you, Lord, for all your blessings!

Remaining in Him,