An Anniversary...

I wanted to wish, publicly, my dear Daddy and Momma a happy 20th wedding anniversary, tomorrow!  Twenty years of marital bliss and I have been around for 17 of it.  :)

My Daddy and Momma are such godly examples and I am proud to claim them.  Their dedication to the Lord and their striving to follow His teachings is so admirable.  They have taught me so many things and led by example in so many areas.  Their Christ-centered instruction and counter-cultural convictions are a blessing in this dark world!  I am thankful for their godly wisdom which I, hopefully, will use in my own marriage, in the future.  I know that they would be the first to admit that marriage is not always easy...but I can hear Daddy, as he preaches on the family, "If I am under the headship of the Lord Jesus and I put her needs before my needs and she puts my needs before her's heaven on earth!"  :)  Can you tell I love my Daddy and Momma?  Happy Anniversary!  I love you!