It's a shower!

Yesterday afternoon, we had a bridal shower for my dear, dear, dear, DEAR cousin, Katy Brown (Isaacs)!  It was a special time with our great-aunts from our MaMaw's side of the family. 
Here are the details...
(Warning...lots of pics!) :)

Goodbye to the Garden

A very blessed September 1st to you! 
Today we got the garden cleaned out.  (Whew, it was humid!)  I love the garden, but am always glad to have all the dead vines and plants out.  There were several times this year that we thought it wouldn't make it, but it did and we were blessed with a great harvest! 

Gardening Goodies

It has been a while since I have posted on the blog!  Life is busy, but good.  Our summer has been full of picking, canning, school, a few sewing projects, and just living life!

Here are some pictures of our gardening goodies:

Wild blackberries ready to be washed and turned into 15 pints of blackberry jam!
(Late June)