The Blessing of Obedience

Let me start by saying...the Lord is always on time...He is always faithful...we just have to trust Him!

Today, we were blessed by someone's obedience to the Lord.  For awhile, we have been looking for a tiller for the garden.  We usually have to borrow one, but we really needed one of our own. 

This afternoon, someone pulled into our driveway and took this off the back of his truck...

(Please excuse my lovely attire...I wasn't planning on having a picture made.)  :)

Can you say, "What a blessing!"  The man said he found out that we needed one and the Lord told him to get it for us.  His obedience was an answered prayer...through him, the Lord provided us with a tiller!  He could have easily made excuses on why he shouldn't/couldn't, but he obeyed the Lord's prompting.  What a lesson on obeying, when the Lord tells us to do something...

Again, the Lord is ALWAYS on time...He is ALWAYS faithful...we just have to TRUST Him!

Thanking Him for His faithfulness,


I hope you have had a blessed week!  I know a lot of sickness and allergies are going's that time of year.  Our family has had bouts with colds and allergies...but are finally getting over them. 

We now have the onions and lettuce planted!  I'm a little later than last year...but we have been busy and haven't had the opportunity to plant.  I'm glad to have them in the ground! 

I absolutely love my raised beds!  They make it easier to keep the weeds under control.

Oh, how I love my gardening boots...  :)


Here comes the rain...

My compost pile...worms!

My lemon balm came back from last year!

Here is our Yoshino cherry tree.

"O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is..." Psalm 63:1  

Enjoy the weekend...even with the rain!  :)

Children's Blanket

Today, I made a special blanket for a VERY special little boy.  :) 

Some know him as Andrew, but I get to call him Cousin!

Andrew had surgery, can read about his story on my Uncle's blog: (scroll down for all the related posts).

Andrew will have to be in a wheelchair for several, I decided to make him a blanket that would fit his wheelchair.

This little blanket is "all-boy" and has a soft minky back!

If the Lord brings little Andrew to mind, please pray for him in the coming weeks. 

I love you, my sweet cousin!

The "Birds Nest" Necklace Charm

I wanted to share my latest project, but it doesn't include sewing.  It's beading!

I used to bead all the time (several years ago, before I really got into sewing).  I haven't in years!  Recently, I have seen these little necklace charms floating around in the crafty-blogging world.  I think they are so sweet and special!  They are "birds nest" necklaces...the little "eggs" stand for a mother's children.

Here are some little "nests" I made...

I made this one for my Momma...I can't wait until we get the boys! 

Here is one I tried using different colored beads.

The one with the blue beads is approximately 3/4" (or 2 cm) and the other is a tad smaller.  Each one is unique and easy to personalize, depending on your family's size.  They would make special gifts! 

Have a blessed weekend!

Much love,

Sewing Updates

What a lovely (but WINDY) day we had here in the foothills of NC!  I woke up to the smell of coffee and the beautiful sight of a powdery snow!  Though it didn't last long, it was a treat!

Here is a sewing update...

A few weeks ago, I made this skirt for my sweet cousin, Clara!  It is a simple gathered skirt, with a ruffle trim.  I love the pink and brown!

Saturday, I worked on a skirt using this material...!!!

This tiered skirt has lots of gathers!

Sewing the hem...

The finished skirt looks like the one I made a couple of years ago...sorry for the bad quality of the picture.  (I don't have any pictures of my new skirt!)

Hope you had a blessed start of the week!  May we keep Him first, in all we do!

Much love and many blessings!