I have appeased my desire to get something in the ground!  I planted some onions and lettuce today.  It was such a gorgeous afternoon.  It felt like spring!!!  It was warm, with a gentle breeze enriched with the smell of gardening!  Ah!  So nice! 

The past few days we have been drooling over our new kitties...they are so PRECIOUS!!!  Susan is a wonderful mother...she will not leave them until they are all asleep.  (If one of them is still nursing, she waits until it goes to sleep!)  Isn't that the sweetest thing?  :)  Can you tell we are in love with these kittens???

I am thankful for the little joys God puts in our paths each day...the things we so often take for granted!  We are indeed blessed!

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday and may we prepare our hearts for tomorrow's worship!