Garden Photos

We have been busy the past two days (Thursday and Friday) getting our raised beds ready for planting!

Here are some photos!

(Thursday)-Building the Boxes for the Raised Beds

(Thursday)-Measuring the Boards

Just had to show you the pretty daffodils!

My Daddy...he's the best!

Tilling the ground for the beds!

Thank you Daddy, Momma, and Leah
for all your hard work and help!

Happy to have everything finished!

"Hello" from our lazy kittens, Jubilee, Mary Rose, and Peter! 
(Susan is usually out there, but she's in the house...she's due any day now!)

She'll be glad to have these kittens!  I'll keep you updated!

Have a blessed day of rest and worship, tomorrow!




That Is Really Really Really Beautiful!.
You And Your Sister Look Very Good!
I Can See In The Pictures To Your Daddy, We Miss Him, Here In Colombia