Oh, Christmas tree...

Yes, we have our Christmas tree!!!  Thursday night, we bundled up in our warm coats and headed up the mountain to beautiful Jefferson, NC (or as the locals say, "God's Country").  Here is a photo journey of our tree "hunt."

The beautiful mountains!

The perfect Christmas tree!

We claimed it with our pink ribbon...

Mr. Miller always has a smile on his face!  He has some beautiful trees!

The glory of our God!

Needless to say, we were a bit chilly...36 degrees with high wind gusts! 

Getting the Christmas tree is a special event for our family.  We take our time looking for the perfect one!  We make memories and look forward to it every year...wonderful family time!

Here is one of our favorite Christmas books...we've read it every Christmas since I was just a little girl.  We haven't gotten the Christmas books out yet...though I look forward to it!

Hope you have a blessed Lord's day, tomorrow!  In the meantime, enjoy the day He has given you!  I'm enjoying the fragrance and beauty of the tree!  :)