Craft Gift Exchange

This was my first time participating in a craft "Gift Exchange."  It is really neat...

My assigned crafting partner, is Mrs. Amber ( from Texas.  After emailing back and forth, sharing our interests, I decided to make her an apron.  (She, like me, enjoys cooking!)

Here is the picture of the apron I made especially for her...

The apron was made in lovely polka-dot browns and pinks, with some of my favorite fabric...Farmdale Crossing in Pink.

Here is the pretty frayed flower!

I hope she likes it as much as I do and gets lots of use out of it! 

I am looking forward to receiving my little goody in the mail...all the way from Texas!

Merry Christmas, Mrs. Amber!

Love and blessings,


Sew Loquacious Angela

Your apron is fabulous! I love the little flower! I'm sure Mrs. Amber is going to love it, too!
Happy Holidays!

Taylor @ That's Sew Taylor!

Mrs. Angela,

Thanks so much for commenting and for the sweet words. :) I hope you have a very blessed and merry CHRISTmas!!!

In Christ alone...


Katy Brown

Oooh! That's so pretty!! Beautiful job, Tay! I have a gifted cousin. Love you dearly!



This is an amazing looking apron! I lvoe the fabric choice and the flower is too cute.

Taylor @ That's Sew Taylor!

Thanks, Kate! I have a gifted cousin, too! :) So glad you're back home!

Much love,

Taylor @ That's Sew Taylor!

Mrs. Amber,

Thanks for commenting! I love the fabric, too...some of my favorites! :)

I looked at your bio...that is so neat that you are a sign language interpreter! What a blessing you must be to so many people! I, at one time, took some lessons, but I am a little rusty! :) I loved it, though!

Hope you have a very, merry CHRISTmas!



Hi Taylor,
I featured your apron here: thanks for linking up!
happy crafting,

Taylor @ That's Sew Taylor!

Mrs. Linda,

Thanks so much for featuring my apron! That made my day!

Have a blessed CHRISTmas!


Jessica Hall

Hey Taylor! I just wanted to let you know that, in case you read my blog at all, I switched the link/ URL or whatever (=P) to:

Okay? I just wanted to let you know! I love your profile picture by the way.... =D

Taylor @ That's Sew Taylor!

Hey Jessica!

Yes...I do read your blog! :) I saw on one of your previous posts that you were switching URLs, but I appreciate you taking the time to let me know.

Thanks about the pic!

I hope you and your sweet family are well!

Have a blessed and merry CHRISTmas!