Dresses, Kittens, and April Joys

Are you tired of the "cherry blossoms" yet?  Ha!  I have been really, really busy with no time for blog posts!  (I am sure everyone thought I had fallen off the face of the blogging world!)  :)

Anyway, I am working on making a dress...my first one at that!  I have made children's clothes, women's skirts, and nick-nacks, but have never attempted a dress!  It is an interesting experience.  (Just to get things straight, there may or may not be "after" pictures!!!  We are just going to have to wait and see.  As of now, things are going fairly well.)  :)

I chose an angle that you couldn't see all the details...I have to keep some surprises...right?

On the gardening side of things, the lettuce and onions are coming up!  It is so rewarding to grow your own food.  I have also started some basil in a small pot on the window seal (it is still too cold to start it outside). 

Onions in the raised beds...

I cannot believe it is April!  April is my birthday month!  (Along with several other family members!)  It is such a glorious month...everything starts to bloom and you get to wear all the spring clothes you have been longing to wear!  (If you are like me, you are tired of socks, coats, and closed-in shoes!!!)  

I love, love, love my bleeding heart flower...it gets bigger and more beautiful every year!

I have to give you an update on my precious little kittens!!!  They are doing so well...just getting too big, too quickly!  We love them all so much!

Theo (yellow), Darla (black), Levi (white), Amos (black), and Annie (black)


Levi has a gray nose, gray ears, and gray paws!  He's a cutie!

Which one...Amos, Annie, or Darla???  We are just now starting to tell them apart! 

What are you all enjoying this time of year?  Even in the busy times, let us pause and "Be still, and know that I am God."  (Psalm 46:10)  Why won't we just go back to horse-drawn wagons and buggies?  :)  I would love that!  Ah, the joys of the olden days! 

Many, many blessings to you and your families!