Birthday Supper

Tonight, I had my birthday supper!  My birthday isn't until the 13th, but for various reasons, we had my special supper tonight.  I had the honor of choosing my favorites!  We had parmesan-herb crusted baked chicken, peas, and stuffing.  (Not to mention some sweet tea with lemons!)  For dessert, we had Angel Food cake and homemade strawberry ice cream!!!  Can you say delicious???  Ah!  So, so good!  This is the first year I haven't had a "party"...I am just too old!  :)  Even though I didn't have a party...we had a great time just celebrating with a good meal!  (My mom is such a good cook!) 

Every year, since I was born, we took a picture of every birthday and made a bouquet of the pictures on the window.  After several years, we ran out of room to put the stems.  (Now, we just put them on the window without the stems.)  Here are all my pictures...(they are a little blurry because I took pictures of the photos)...  

Leah is in this one...though you can't see her...she's in Momma's tummy!

Taylor-16 years old

A beautiful bouquet of real flowers!

I thank the Lord for my sweet family and for making my birthday supper special!  I love you!