Yearning for my February!

Lately, it seems we have had some unusually warm weather.  It doesn't seem like February!  (One day it hit 71 degrees...though today has been cooler.)  The warmer weather has made me yearn for my garden, but I will have to patiently wait a little longer to start planting.  ("But the fruit of the Spirit is...patience..."-Galatians 5:22)  There is nothing like the smell of fresh tilled dirt, little tomato plants, and clean, country air...I can't wait to be out in it!  (Someone needs to come up with an air freshener called "Garden Fresh" or something!)  :)  I, also, enjoy the work, knowing that (Lord willing) I'll have a good harvest and everything will be worthwhile.  (Plus, you know what you are getting when it comes straight from your own garden!)  Can you tell I like to till the earth? 

Well, I better go, before my craving for a ripe tomato sandwhich gets the best of me!  (I could use the verse from above, here, also!  "But the fruit of the Spirit is...self-control..."-Galatians 5:22-23)  :)

Many blessings,


P.S. Here's a gardening book I enjoy, "The Backyard Homestead" by Carleen Madigan.  (You can find it on Vision Forum's website:




I've right there with you Taylor--I can't wait until I can plan something in my garden. I'm planting some new stuff this year--PaPaw likes Brussel Sprouts, so I'm planting some of them. I'm also planting some snow peas and collards which I've never planted before. With all your research and talents, I may have to have you share your "garden knowledge."

Between yours, mine and Kevin's gardens, maybe we'll have some good veggies this year!!

Love bunches,