An Old Fashioned Singing

It's that time of year...the "in-between" season when you must change out your closets to your fall/winter clothes and say "goodbye" to the pretty pastels of spring and bright colors of summer.  I am looking forward to the warm sweaters and scarves!  Did I ever mention that I LOVE fall?  :)

Last Sunday (at church), we had our Homecoming/Old Fashion Day.  We donned our old-timey skirts and dresses and celebrated days gone by.  My cousins, sister, and I had the privilege of singing and playing our instruments during the service.  "The Solid Rock (On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand)," "At the Cross," and "I'll Fly Away" were in our repertoire for the day. 
Here are some pictures:

Me and Leah

4ever His
Kandace, Katy, Leah, and Me

Here are two video clips...

I tried uploading them directly through my blog (not through youtube), but it was taking a while.  Sorry for all the ads.

At the Cross

I'll Fly Away

It has been glorious the past few weeks with the peak of the changing leaves.
Here is a picture of our view of the mountains with a little color boost...

Have a blessed weekend!
Remaining faithful until He returns...

P.S.  I just have to show you what you missed out on...

Sliced bananas and strawberry icecream...

Topped with chocolate syrup and chopped pecans...
(here in the south, it's okay to say "PEE-cans")  :)