Purses, Flowers, Fobs, & Blankets

The fall days are finally getting closer!  Ah!  The cooler weather has been wonderful.  I love this time of year.  :)  I can't wait to light the pumpkin spice candles, see the leaves change their colors, and bundle up when I go outside. 

 Life (like always) has been busy and I have gotten behind on my posting.  So, this is a conglomeration of my latest sewing projects (as you could see in my lengthy title).  I hope you enjoy!

Let's start with a girly purse I made...I really like the big purple bow.  :)  It is curved with a "wrist" handle, instead of the standard two handles.  It has three pockets on the inside; one for a pen and two larger ones.

Next is my blue-jean flower...I am all the time searching craft blogs for tutorials and I came across this and had to make me one!  Here is a link to the pattern I found (I don't know anything about the site, itself...I just enjoyed the pattern): 

Here is a key "fob" I made for my Momma...so far, she has enjoyed it.  I am modeling it in this picture (and I have been using it, too, since I have been driving more often.) 

Finally, here is a small children's blanket.  I love it!  It is for one of my soon-to-be brothers from Russia! (I have yet to make the other one, but it's on the list.) We don't know their ages, specifically, but I wanted to make it anyway. I enjoyed making this...from the little bunny to the blanket. It is made from soft minky and is so cuddly.


Hope you have a blessed end-of-the week!  May we use each day to honor Him!